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Posted on Monday, September 2nd 2013, 2:38 am by Andro

As the ubiquitous “End of Summer” parties monopolized the nightlife world from coast to coast, a major player in the EDM scene was scheduled to close out the NYC summer with a major bang! Unfortunately that “bang” came to a grinding halt on the last day of their 3 day event series at Randall’s Island as its organizers abruptly pulled the plug on its grand finale. Facing pressure from the New York Mayors office and NYPD, the “E-Zoo” event organizers cancelled its last day as media outlets reported 2 deaths and 4 attendees in critical condition. Sources confirmed the tragic deaths were linked to a drug overdose due to the popular rave drug, “Molly”, also known as, MDMA.

As word of the abrupt closure quickly spread through social media, thousands of E-Zoo party-goers were left wondering and wandering through the streets of NYC. As impromptu pop-up parties sprang up all around the city, the nightlife scene buzzed with “official” E-Zoo parties promising special guest DJs. Other promoters and club owners began promoting free parties to today’s ticket holders as they desperately tried to cash-in on today’s unfortunate incident.

Currently, there’s no official word from the E-Zoo organizers if refunds will be given to today’s ticket holders. However, at $150+ a ticket I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this summers “grand finale”. We can only hope an encore performance by the worlds top DJs will help the festivals reputation and provide a more positive image instead of a drug fueled party. With that in mind, I’m sure NYC and other cities will keep a close watch on E-Zoo and other similar festivals/nightclubs which promote EDM parties.

Share your thoughts with us and tell us what you think. – Do you think the organizers made the right choice in canceling their event? – Do you think we’ll see a nationwide crackdown at these festivals and EDM parties?

Party Responsibly, @aNYCELIFE

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Posted on Monday, March 5th 2012, 7:54 am by Asian Chris

This is the commercial for the Fiat 500 Abarth that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, titled “House Arrest”. I’m not going to ruin the surprise, so just watch the commercial here…

Via: Gizmodo

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Posted on Tuesday, February 14th 2012, 1:25 am by Andro

Purchase your discount tickets on:

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Posted on Saturday, February 11th 2012, 7:56 am by Andro

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Posted on Thursday, February 9th 2012, 3:32 am by Andro

1. Philips Fidelio

The Fidelio is designed to look good even when there’s nothing docked. When there is, you can enjoy digitally processed sound at optimal acoustic volume.

A proximity sensor activates the backlit control panel, while the free Philips DockStudio app promises to help you get more out of your listening experience.

*Cost:*: $199.99

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Posted on Monday, January 30th 2012, 10:42 pm by Andro

Enjoying a chocolate cappuccino and one of my favorite 15yr old limited edicion cigars courtesy of @asianchris Thx!!

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Posted on Friday, January 20th 2012, 5:05 am by Andro

[image: crap usb gadgets]CRAP USB GADGETSIt is remark­able just how much cheap crap we, as a plan­et, pro­duce each and every year. The envi­ron­men­tal impact is wor­ry­ing, land­fills are swelling and car­bon emis­sions must come down – yet more and more junk con­tin­ues to roll out of the fac­to­ry. In addi­tion to this, many seem to think that adding USB con­nec­tiv­i­ty (usu­al­ly for a small amount of power as opposed to real inter­fac­ing) to afore­men­tioned plas­tic junk instant­ly makes it more saleable.

So, would you spend your money on these periph­er­als? USB Tie Fan Cool­er….Thing

Feel like you’re tied to your desk all day and look­ing for the ulti­mate way to cool off? Look no fur­ther, all you need is theUSB tie cool­er from Thanko. Some­what resem­bling the collar-bombs worn by impris­oned school­child­ren in the 2002 film *Bat­tle Royale*, the fan clips to your neck and is then cov­ered up with the includ­ed silk tie.

[image: crap usb gadgets]CRAP USB GADGETS

Of course, it’s USB pow­ered – so it’s com­plete­ly use­less (yet still too embarass­ing to take off) unless you’re near a com­put­er. Once you final­ly do get to your desk, find a spare USB port (by remov­ing non-essentials like mice and key­boards) and you’ll be the coolest cat in the office.

That is until you sud­den­ly get up to tell Bren­da you need that report by 5, tear­ing your lap­top off the table, show­er­ing your co-workers with cof­fee and pub­licly reveal­ing the secret to your body tem­per­a­ture reg­u­la­tion. Still, at least you won’t be hot under the col­lar? Chick­en’s Foot 2GB USB Stick

There are a lot of over­priced USB sticks on the mar­ket in all kinds of nov­el­ty shapes, capac­i­ties and sizes but most of them have a valid use – remov­able stor­age – that makes up for it. I am actu­al­ly hav­ing trou­ble with this par­tic­u­lar USBflash drive how­ev­er, as it appears to be in the shape of a chick­en’s foot.

[image: stupid usb gadget]STUPID USB GADGET

This of course means that the bloody thing will never fit com­fort­ably in your pock­et, and might also have trou­ble fit­ting into com­put­ers mount­ed on a flat sur­face (I do believe the toes would get in the way).

This rather small 2GB capac­i­ty appendage will sit on your desk for hours with­out falling over – though you’re prob­a­bly bet­ter off spend­ing the $30 on more space, rather than nov­el­ty form fac­tor. USB Mini UV Tooth­brush Sani­tis­er

Noth­ing says “pearly whites” like a ster­ile tooth­brush (I guess?) and now you can ster­ilise yours right at your desk! Excit­ed? Well hold on junior, because there might just be a teen­cy ween­cy issue with afore­men­tioned USB tooth­brush sani­tis­er… and that’ll be the USB part.

Who keeps their tooth­brush at their desk? More­over, who would take it out and actu­al­ly sani­tise it using this bloody thing? If tooth­brush san­i­ta­tion is high on your list of pri­or­i­ties then I don’t think a mini USB tooth­brush sani­tis­er is going to cut it – you’ll want the real deal.

Thus I con­clude there’s prob­a­bly not much of a mar­ket for semi-dedicated tooth­brush sani­tis­ers who stow their oral clean­ing con­trap­tions in the office. Next. USB Flower Pot Speak­er

Intro­duc­ing the USB Flower Pot Speak­er – because there’s sim­ply too much space on your desk! Or should that be Flower Pod Speak­er, as the man­u­fac­tur­ers have clev­er­ly coined it? Regard­less, not only does it require full use of a USB port for power but it also isn’t a real flower pot (which is a real shame).

[image: stupid usb gadget]STUPID USB GADGET

Don’t try to water, plant or re-pot your new musi­cal chum for he’s a sta­t­ic, life­less plas­tic dis­ap­point­ment who pro­duces no more than 2W RMS at the best of times. Maybe spend the money on some real speak­ers and a real plant instead… USB Eye Mas­sager

Unfor­tu­nate­ly this isn’t a case of affix­ing the wrong pho­to­graph to the wrong prod­uct descrip­tion, but a gen­uine prod­uct that is designed with an eye mas­sage in mind. If you’ve not already peeked at the image below then now is the time – just look at it…

[image: crap usb gadgets]CRAP USB GADGETS

Eye mas­sager? Real­ly? Not tor­ture device? Not “*turn it round and make rude sym­bols at your boss*” getting-fired device? I’m sup­posed to put this *in my eyes*? Accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er:

*USB Eye Mas­sager is the latest-designed health care Prod­uct spe­cial­ly for the Per­son which long time use their eyes, Such as the Com­put­er oper­a­tor.*

I sup­pose that clears it up, then! Con­clu­sion

It’s not too late for new year res­o­lu­tions, and here’s an easy one we can all stick to : in addi­tion to the prod­ucts on this list, don’t buy cheap use­less USB crap. It might seem like a funny gift and even pro­vide 5 min­utes of laugh­ter but will ulti­mate­ly end up in a land­fill as wast­ed money, time, ener­gy and resources .

If you have any of your favourite crapUSB gad­gets then list them below, I’m dying to see what you’ve found…

Image Cred­it: Shut­ter­stock

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Posted on Wednesday, November 10th 2010, 1:00 pm by Juan

To all my Lo lifes and purveyors of fine Americana sport and prep wear I say good day! Today Ralph Lauren will be having an event at their NYC and London store. Help them celebrate 10 years of digital innovation, so be prepared for some sort of light show.The screenings start at 8:00pm/8:30pm/ and 9:00pm.

Ralph Lauren

888 Madison Avenue


Ralph Lauren.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 10th 2010, 11:39 am by Juan

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Like a dungeon Dragon!

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Posted on Tuesday, November 9th 2010, 3:19 pm by Juan

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