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You knew this was coming. It was just a matter of time. 10 Very Sexy iPhone Apps! Well if you really got to hang out with us, you’d know that most of us has Wobble installed. While that is a lot of fun, some of these apps take it to a whole new level. And NO I don’t have any of these. Haha

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Good Vibrations by Animion: 99 cents. iPhone slash vibrator? Good Vibrations delivers exactly what it promises, allowing your phone to switch through four different modes of intensity, while still promising silence and discretion. Perfect for car rides, bathroom stalls and a lot of other places.

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Peekababe by Sookie Solutions, LLC: 99 cents. A flick of your wrist is all it takes to send the clothes sliding off the hot bodies of the Peekababe models in your phone. Once you’ve stripped them down, simply use your finger to slide their clothes back on so you can enjoy another round of virtual undress in the palm of your hand.

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Stripped: Strip Poker Dice by Dynamic Realms: 99 cents. This version of strip poker uses 3-D graphical dice to get a naughty game rolling and, eventually, everyone involved naked. The developer recommends playing with a large group of people to “get to know each other better.”

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iVanish by Fun iPhone Apps:
99 cents. This app provides the simple yet mesmerizing pleasure of watching the dresses on hot anime babes melt away to skimpy bikinis with every tilt of your phone.

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iJiggles Your Mom: 99 cents. This delightfully juvenile app allows you to apply jiggle and/or smear effects to specific targets (um, boobs) in photos. It even has an inflate setting for those occasions when “adding size is needed.” Hallelujah.

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Sexy Truth or Dare Party Game: $1.99. The perfect app for horny high school students or your swinger friends, Sexy Truth or Dare has more than 150 semi-scandalous to scandalous questions, dirty dares, double-dares, triple dares and adlib dares, i.e. “Take off the ___ of the person next to you,” and “Take off ___ with your ___.” And with continual updates, the possibilities are endless.

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Bubble*licious Babes by Exploding Spec: free. An even more addictive version of the standard BubbleWrap iPhone app game. In this adaptation, not only are you racing to burst as many virtual bubble wrap bubbles as you can, but you are also popping them like mad in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the sexy siren hidden underneath.

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Sexy Spin HOT by Work’s Out: 99 cents. This app touts itself as “a game so hot and sexy” that it was banned from the iTunes App Store for three months. Now it’s back and rated R, asking that you be 17 or older to download the program. To get the adult antics going, simply shake the phone to roll two spinners that ultimately land on an action and a body part. Follow the command and let the naughty licking and stroking commence.

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Sexy Sudoku by Mobilismo, Inc.: 99 cents. This brain teaser provides that extra motivation you’ve needed to inspire you to flex your cerebral muscles. As you solve the Sudoku number puzzles, the tiles disappear to reveal sexy photos of bikini and lingerie-clad girls.

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InterLove by p13development: $1.99. Download this kinky app and don’t forget to grab your phone the next time you hop in bed with your significant other. Take turns flicking the touch spinner to land on one of 120 sensual commands and scenarios to perform on, and with, your partner.

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