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Wanna save the earth? Start by taking off your pants. Here are 10 tips on how to save the planet, one orgasm at a time.

10. Wash and re-use the same condom.
9. Can’t find a condom? Re-use a plastic water bottle.
8. Do it in the back seat of a Prius. 
7. Bike or walk to your next booty call.

6. Instead of picking up a new girl at a party, bang the one you hooked up with last week. It’s recycling.
5. Don’t shower until after sex.
4. Reduce your carbon emissions by auto-erotic asphyxiation. 
3. Use a dildo on her instead of a vibrator.
2. Turn out the lights when you have sex. It saves electricity and no one will see your third nipple. 
1. Don’t just hug a tree. Fuck one. 

Via: – 10 Ways to Have Environmentally Friendly Sex.

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