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Now these puppies are more MY steeeze!  We all remember the classic Vans sneakers with the checkerboard design right?  Well…at least I do!  This sneaker collabo keeps its classic Vans look and feel but the patent leather toe box and side wall are sick!  I wouldn’t suggest busting out ollies while riding your skateboard but at least you can roll to the club in style.


 Japanese based brand, AlexanderLeeChang, has teamed up with Vans on this patent leather checkered pattern SK8-Hi. Pre-order is available at Zicue.

About AlexanderLeeChang
Alexander Lee Chang was born to a Chinese father and Japanese mother in SanFrancisco, California on October 12, 1975. At the age of 13, Alex became involved in the skateboarding scene, while pursuing his hobbies of painting, computer graphics, and design. With influences from his Chinese, American and Japanese bi-cultural roots he developed a unique appreciation of color and a sharp attention to detail. His work remains unisex, so as to not be restricted by the boundaries of ‘men’s’ or ‘’women’s’ fashion. As a designer, artist and pro skater, Alexander Lee Chang seeks to offer a sense of style without borders.

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