Posted on Friday, June 12th 2009, 4:26 am by Ryan

See, I’m Not the ONLY person who thinks AT&T sucks and the iPhone May Be Coming to Verizon SOON!

iPhone is a great device if only it worked… freakin’ AT&T hasn’t agree on some (MMS,Tethering) of the major 3.0 features. WHY??? Also, for all those STILL USING rabbit ears to get TV reception… as of today, Friday, June12th 2009 at 12:30pm (Eastern) you WILL NO LONGER GET TV SIGNAL!!!!! You need to get a DIGITAL CONVERTER BOX or pick up a NEW LCD/Plasma or simply get Digital Cable. Palm Pre was OFFICIALLY release and the few people who I know have it, love it (I would too, it’s a NEW Gadget/Toy). I honestly don’t think it’s a iPhone KILLER (yet) but it’s operating system is HOT (hey, it’s only the 1st generation & it’s only going to get better). Finally this weekend FaceBook is allowing us to personalize our URL for Facebook!! Now it’s going to be easier to give friends & family your Facebook page or add it to your business cards.
Click Here for AsianChris’s earlier posting about Personalizing URL on Facebook!


Click on DIGITAL CONVERTER BOX above in my story for video about the Digital Conversion.
Have a Great Wknd!!! Ryan

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