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Wow. Looking at this list brought back some great childhood memories. Every kid had a water gun at 1 point (even if it was the spray bottle used to water the plants).

Although these fun toys were originally designed to be weapons, they have come a long way to become what they are today. Popular Mechanics decided to put up a list of their all time favorites

The 1st Water Guns Ever.¬†These toys first started showing up in the late 1800′s. Just like anything else in the world, these were the best of the best. Compared to today’s water guns, these were designed to only hold 1 shot.

The Traditional Squirt Gun. The typically cheap water gun of today. Using the same setup as spray bottles, these were easy to obtain, but never packed a huge punch. The amount of water in each shot was based on how large the piston is. Plus there wasn’t much of a range with these things.

The PoolSide Syringe. Another favorite for anyone who has access to a pool. It’s pretty much a giant version of a syringe, but without any real medical uses. Just pull the handle back, suck in as much water it can hold. Then aim it at someone dry, push the handle, and watch them get soaked.

The Best Battery-Powered Gun. When squirt guns weren’t good enough, you’d turn to a battery powered water gun. These were similar to the traditional squirt guns, but this had an electric motor to do the dirty work. The motor would pull water out of the tank and force it through the nozzle allowing for more powerful shots and better range.

The First Super Soaker: The Super Soaker 50. The Hand-Pumping Water Gun that changed it all nearly 20 years ago. This was a great Super Soaker, and I’m glad they’re coming back out w/ it (well slightly updated). Super Soaker continued to innovate based off this 1 water gun and nothing has been able to truely challenge these things. They were powerful and fairly accurate with plenty of shots for some poolside wars

The Super Soaker CPS 3200. What’s better than the Super Soaker 50? Easy, 1 of it’s many descendants. When refilling your tank wasn’t an option, the Super Soaker CPS 3200 was your best choice. This sucker can hold so much more water since the tank is on your back. Yeah, nothing like carrying 2 gallons of water on your back when you were a kid, but most of the time, it was well worth it.

Via: Popular Mechanics.

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