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Ok fashionistas! Here’s some breaking news in the world of fashion and business! Thanks to my source, Evie ( I’ve just been informed that luxury designer Jimmy Choo will be the next celebrity designer for H&M! Yes…that’s right…the widely coveted pair of Jimmy Choo’s are like the womens version of men and their exclusive Air Jordans or Nike Dunks. Don’t believe me… watch “Sex & the City”…OR just ask ANY woman with some sense of style and watch their eyes glow in excitement. Fellas…you can also clutch your wallets because Jimmy’s will set you back AT LEAST 1k, not to mention the bag & accessories to match!? I’m not talking about our matching “limited edition” tshirt and New Era fitted cap for our sneakers. This is HIGH fashion apparel…lol

Well….let’s not get too frightened by the sticker shock because H&M will attempt to de-bunk the myth that high fashion = high prices. It’ll be interesting to see HOW they plan to price their merchandise and how limited inventory will be…but in the fashion world that’s half the fun right? We always wanna be the first on the block with the most exclusive gear (At least I do!) :o )

In this case….you better camp on that block NOW and hope to be the first in-line November 14th!

Below are 2 articles I’ve chosen to re-cap the news. One from the Wall Street Journal and another from a fashion blog. By the way…..nyce Choo’s!

STOCKHOLM — Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB on Wednesday unveiled the name of its next designer collection team-up: British accessory brand Jimmy Choo.

H&M said the famed shoemaker — one of the favorite pump labels of “Sex & the City” character “Carrie” — will launch the collection in 200 H&M stores on Nov. 14, including covetable shoes and bags as well as a women’s clothing line to match them. Jimmy Choo will also provide a men’s collection of shoes, bags and accessories. “We adore Jimmy Choo’s shoes and bags,” H&M’s Creative Designer Margareta van den Bosch said, adding it was the first time the company has collaborated with an accessory brand. “I like the way we have worked with clothes to accessorize the shoes and bags rather than the other way around,” she said.

Jimmy Choo co-founder and President Tamara Mellon said the brand would bring H&M “a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection.” “We are privileged to be among the fashion greats who have been affiliated with H&M so far,” she said. H&M has previously collaborated on collections with both pop icons and designers, including Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, Viktor & Rolf and Matthew Williamson.


They say that cheap shoes will ruin even the most well assembled outfit, but Jimmy Choo is out to disprove that maxim this Fall. On November 14th, H&M will release its latest collaboration collection with the luxury shoe label in only 200 stores (several of which are likely to be in Manhattan). The collection will include shoes, bags and accessories for men and women as well as clothing, a category the brand is neither known for nor, as far as we know, has ever produced at all.

Like Matthew Williamson, whose recent H&M collaboration includes his first menswear, Jimmy Choo appears to be using H&M to test the waters for potential product expansions. More importantly, we will all be looking to see if H&M will be able to successfully translate Choo’s opulent designs at what will have to be a dramatically lower price point.

Reserve your places in line now!!

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