Posted on Thursday, June 11th 2009, 4:00 pm by Asian Chris

As the war between social network sites continue, it always seems to me that sites are always trying to play catchup in terms of some features. This time it’s Facebook catching up. 

This Saturday, Facebook is launching it’s Personal URL service so to speak. Right now if you were to send a link to your profile page to anyone, you’ll see just a bunch of numbers in the link. That’s your ID Number in the Facebook system. With a Personal URL, you won’t get that number. Instead you can have your name in the URL, just like how MySpace does it.

So this Saturday at 12:01 AM, log into Facebook and get your Personal URL quickly before someone else does. However there is some restrictions. People who have registered recently won’t be able to register just yet.

Via: Facebook Launches Personal URLs (Finally).

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  1. RyanNo Gravatar Says:

    This is something way OVERDUE!!! It was so difficult sending someone to a profile without asking them for their email address. For that, just email them!!


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