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OHHH DAAAMN!? Wanna go from GEEK to “sheek” in 20kph?? Then cop this tricked out segway made exclusively by the Parisian style mavens at CHANEL!
Notice this segway even has CHANEL’s iconic quilt pattern on the handle bars and fender. Even the tread on the oversize tires replicate this patern!? It’s pretty bad ass but my only question is, where do you put all the shopping bags after you’re done scooting around 5th ave…lol

VIA: yatzer

CHANEL announced the creation of the above urban personal transporter, which seems to have more fun than a bike and it looks as crazy as rollerblades.The rich-rider drives it by leaning in the direction he or she wants to go at speeds of nearly 20kph. With a range of 20km and an adaptation of the famous CHANEL 2.55.

Click HERE for more pics and info…

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