Posted on Friday, June 5th 2009, 12:18 pm by Asian Chris

So here is a new way to get back your friends. All you need is Mentos, water, and Coke. It’s very simple


  1. Get ice tray, mentos, coke, and water
  2. Put mentos and water into ice tray to make ice cubes w/ mentos in the middle
  3. Mix newly made ice cubes and coke into glass
  4. Give to a friend and wait for the ice to melt, then watch their face when it starts pouring out

Whether it works or not, I can’t really say. But since it’s BBQ season, I may have to test it out!

If you have no clue about mixing Mentos and Coke, then you must be hiding under  a rock for a while. Here is a nice slow motion video just to demonstrate what happens


Via:Gizmodo – Frozen Mentos and Coke Parlor Trick – Mentos and coke trick.

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