Posted on Monday, June 15th 2009, 7:45 pm by Ryan

Save at least $100 a month by ditching cable!
Ok, let’s be honest… if you’re like me… I only really watch my HD LCD for sporting events:
baseball, basketball, football, boxing, and swimsuit competitions.
With day to day hustle and pretty much every TV show or movie found on the internet, why do we still continue to pay high cable prices monthly!
Every major TV network allows you to watch complete episodes off their website (,,, and there’s a few other good websites such as & and YouTube is in the works to also stream complete tv shows. I have a AppleTV and honestly only purchased about 3 HD movies (they LOOK GREAT) and rent other tv shows. I DO NOT spend near a $100 a month on renting therefore paying at least a $100 a month on cable IS A WASTE OF $$$!!


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