Posted on Friday, June 26th 2009, 6:00 pm by Asian Chris

With technology continuing to evolve, it’s no surprise your experience with just about everything is going to change. Stadiums and Ballparks are no exceptions.

Stadiums are continuously updating all their equipment, in some cases an entirely new stadium, to make things easier for people. These includes giant screens that shows you every stat you will ever need, to instant replays of great plays, to the actual game itself.

Since everyone is so attached to their mobile devices, some stadiums are starting to recognize this and started to add even more things in their stadium.

For instance, AT&T Park in San Francisco has 139 access points so fans can log into the stadium network. What can they do on this network? Well for iPhone users, they can use the pitch tracker app to see every pitch made, on-demand replays, and find food in the stadium.

Of coarse you always have the few fans that have to check email and every social network site they belong to. But I can’t blame them on this. I’ve been to a few boring games in my life. It does happen. Just make sure you don’t get hit by any fly balls.

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