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One of the most significant B-Boy competitions in the world is the Red Bull BC One, where 16 of the world’s best B-Boys meet to compete and to determine in a one on one knock-out-battle who is The One. Extraordinary artistic skills, an outstanding character, and a good reputation in the community are the criteria upon which dancers are selected. The challenge lies in finding influential dancers from all continents ready to set new in breaking. While B-Boy battles have their roots in ONE-on-ONE competitions, those have been pushed aside over the last 15 years as crew competitions became more popular at the big events. Red Bull’s objective was to go back to the roots of b-boying in order to showcase it in the most spectacular and powerful way. In it’s fifth year, the foremost one-on-one B-Boying contest in the world takes place in Paris, France, as the best B-Boys in the world battle it out for the coveted title of Red Bull BC-ONE champion!


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