Posted on Thursday, June 4th 2009, 7:48 pm by Ryan

Howard vs Kobe

Howard vs Kobe

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble… The Finals begin tonight, Thursday, June 4th.

Many of us wanted to see KING James (Cleveland) take on Kobe (LA) but SORRRRRRY….

Orlando Magic proved to EVERYONE that KING James didn’t take on the entire team by himself.. does this mean WE (New York Knicks) have a opportunity to grab him next year when he becomes a free agent???  Regardless, I believe it should be a VERY interesting NBA Finals. I personally don’t like Kobe (Lakers) and I’m going to predict Orlando in 7 games!!! (yeah yeah, I said it)

What’s YOUR thoughts???

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2 Responses to “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble… NBA Finals!”

  1. Chris ChinNo Gravatar Says:

    KOBE is a beast!!!

    40pts 8 boards 8 assists…..c’mon now!

  2. RyanNo Gravatar Says:

    Ok, Orlando definitely NEEDED to WIN Game#2 in my mind to have a CHANCE to make this Finals interesting. But, hey… it’s not officially over yet!

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