Posted on Thursday, June 18th 2009, 4:30 am by Ryan

Two weeks ago the NEW Palm Pre (Sprint Network) was the talk of the town… this Friday, June 19th everyone is looking forward to the NEW iPhone 3Gs (AT&T Network). This is a really cool PRIZEFIGHT between the Palm Pre, last year’s iPhone 3G and the lastest iPhone 3Gs. As mentioned in the video, AT&T hasn’t fully rolled out the new version of 3G yet :( (That’s why I continue to say… AT&T SUCKS!) therefore this new iPhone 3Gs isn’t really being used to it’s full potential until AT&T does what it needs to do. Regardless, lines are already forming around the block for this new iPhone 3Gs (the s is for SPEED) already and it’s only Thursday morning.


I’m actually NOT Surprised from the SpeedTest outcome. Ryan

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