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Ok, for those that know me personally, know I enjoy smoking cigars. I truly enjoy cigar smoking with my close friends (NYCeTwits) and a few business associates. I’ve been smoking cigars since 1997 when at a Christmas party with my then Ad Agency, N.W. Ayer & Partners and pre-smoking ban in restaurants. Many people relate cigar smoking with a form of celebration (weddings, birth of a child, victory from a major sporting contest, etc). Well for me and my NYCeTwits, WE CELEBRATE LIFE EVERYDAY! Prior to smoking cigars, I never smoked cigarettes (I actually find disgusting & a bad habit). Smoking a good cigar (Cuban,Dominican,Honduran) mellows me out and it normally takes me about an hour to smoke. Very soothing & calming and with great company it ignites good conversation. Now you ask me why I uploaded this sexxxy picture below… She DOES Have NYCeTwits ;) and there’s nothing sexier than a lovely lady who enjoys smoking a good cigar! And YES, I do know a FEW of them ;) ))

Nothing Like Enjoying a Great Cigar

Definitely looking forward to posting more about the great cigars I’ve smoked & continue to smoke!!
Any great cigars you’ve enjoyed lately… Comment back or drop me a email:

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