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Well if the RIAA decides to charge you for copyright infringement, it can amount to $10,000 per song! But the RIAA prefers to settle outside of the court.

But when it comes to Thomas-Rasset, she decided not to settle. The 1st round of trials, she would’ve been charge $10,000 per song for 24 songs. That’s $240,000!

But the trial was deemed a mistrial. This time around, it jumped from $10,000 per song to $80,000 per song! That’s a whopping $1.9 mil!

The RIAA would like to settle this outside of the court. But until then, it looks like downloading those 24 songs is going to cost her big time.

This goes to show you that paying $24 for 24 songs isn’t that bad of an idea.

Via Switched

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