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So you think that the price of the new iPhone 3GS 16GB is only $199 and the 32GB version is only $299. Well I would double check if I were you. Thats the price as long as you are a new customer or eligible for an upgrade. This means most iPhone 3G owners are not qualified for these prices.

Unlike last year, AT&T is not allowing just any iPhone user to upgrade to the newer iPhone 3GS. For iPhone 3G users who want to upgrade early, it’ll cost you $399 and $499 respectively. That’s $200 more! And that doesn’t include the $18 fee to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS. Thats right, thats a whole $218 more than what some are expected.

And if you want to buy the iPhone 3GS by itself with no plan, it’s even more expensive! At $599 and $699 respectively, you really should consider just buying a netbook!

So if you’re planning on getting the new iPhone 3GS, check to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade, unless you’re a new customer. 


Via: Gizmodo – Real Cost of iPhone 3GS: About $218 More Than You Think – Iphone 3g 16gb.

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