Posted on Friday, June 19th 2009, 10:38 am by Andro

I personally use Twitterberry, but after having recent issues with my @replies and uploading to twitpic I think its time to check out Ubertwitter. Apparently, its got all the bells & whistles fit for a celeb…so why not US!?

If you’re a current user of Ubertwitter let us know what you think!


It seems that Ubertwitter just keeps building up steam. We’ve covered it in Twitter App Round Up Part Deux and it is apprently very popular among a number of Tweeting celebs as well. We got word today that they have again updated (to Beta 3 – version .0.75) and added a whole slew of new features.

The list of updates is massive, but it includes various bug fixes, reduced battery drain, ability to delete tweets, TweetShrink ability, faster timeline scrolling and muc, much more.

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