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Tito Ortiz is on the receiving end of a serious legal attack — one that started after the UFC legend bashed “Rampage” Jackson’s former trainer to the media. The guy filing the lawsuit is Juanito Ibarra — a fighting expert who claims he’s trained more than 15 world champs and several Olympic Gold Medal winners. Ibarra’s pissed over an interview Tito gave to a website back in 2008, in which the fighter ripped Ibarra as a “thief” who had financially “taken advantage of Rampage.” In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Ibarra claims Tito’s statements are all false and “highly offensive” — and things got worse when scores of sports websites began publishing follow-up stories, repeating Tito’s comments. Ibarra is suing Tito and all the blogs and publications that ran Tito’s interview for defamation, invasion of privacy and emotional distress

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  1. JuanNo Gravatar Says:

    I would love to hear from “Rampage” since Juanito is regarded as a good trainer…….hmmmmmmmmmm

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