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Seriously! There is an app for just about everything on the iPhone.¬†Well there’s 2 more to add to the list that is a must have for traveling using the NYC Subway system.

Well if you have ever been in the NYC Subway system, you know that many of the subway stations are nothing more than just 1 big maze. There are a few stations where certain staircases lead you to other platforms or hallways to other platforms. Yeah, it can be very confusing down there

Well now there’s an app for that! Exit Strategy NYC. It may be $1.99, but it’s worth it. How it works is you select the subway line and the stop you want. It’ll show you the train w/ the correct number of cars. At certain cars, it’ll tell you which exit it goes to.

I tried it w/ my buddy while we were trying to get back to work. And it worked perfectly. We even used it to figure out where the car would stop at our starting point. It’s well worth the $1.99 for anyone who takes the subway a lot.

The other app is New York Nearest Subway. Now unlike Exit Strategy, this app is to find the subway station. Using GPS and triangulation, it’ll figure out where you are and it’ll show you where the nearest subway stations are. But it’s actually quite interesting.

When you hold it flat (horizontal), it’ll show you the typical 2D map with your location and the nearest subway locations. But when you hold it vertically, it’ll go into a heads-up display. Of coarse New York Nearest Subway is only for the iPhone 3GS as it needs the magnetometer to figure out which way you’re looking (yeah, it’s that cool).

Too bad this app is still waiting approval


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