Posted on Wednesday, July 8th 2009, 2:28 am by Andro

I’m a fan of “going green” but when it comes to sacrificing my horsepower & speed its a tough call! I’m debating wether or not to get the Honda Ruckus to scoot around the city, but this eco-friendly motorcycle seems pretty interesting.


The Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle — which we took for a joyride around the streets of New York City last month — can now be yours, as it’s officially on sale. The eco-friendly bike has a horsepower rating of 13.7, with torque at 31 ft/lbs, and weighs about 280 pounds. With a top speed of about 50 miles an hour, the bike’s got a 45 mile range before needing a 3 hour recharge. It’s not the most powerful of motorcycles to be sure, but it’s got plenty of style, and it can be yours for about $12,000.

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