Posted on Thursday, July 30th 2009, 5:00 pm by Andro

Now chilling at my local Barnes & Nobles has become more pleasant (aside from the larger Star Bucks inside) since it’s brought back the free wifi service thanks to AT&T.  Doesn’t it seem so pointless to pay for wifi these days??  Now we can all sit back, order that frappuccino with a double shot of espresso and read books/magazines we never end up buying…lol


Barnes & Noble and AT&T already went ahead and offered free WiFi to iPhone users (and everyone else, albeit inadvertently) last year, and it’s now finally gone and given up on those pesky subscription fees altogether. As the pair of companies jointly announced today, that new and welcome change is now already in place at all Barnes & Noble stores in the US that offer WiFi, and the bookstore is not-at-all-coincidentally taking advantage of the opportunity to promote its recently launched eBookstore, to say nothing of its forthcoming e-book reader. Last we heard, they still have actual books and stuff there, too.

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