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There’s a new footwear company on the block courtesy of 2 media students in Germany who started Creating the Brand.  Their first shoe is called FLAEK which has some serious potential.  It may not be the Air Yeezy or new LV’s but remember folks, its not “hot” or “exclusive” because some so-called sneaker head said so.  It’s HOT because you’re rocking it wether it cost $20 0r $2000!  Go out there… find new and unique brands for yourself and wear it with confidence.  I’ll be keeping my eyes on this label, and if & when this sneaker company blows up…just remember you saw it here first!

creating the brand flaek 1 Creating the Brand FLAEK

A new footwear company coming out of Germany, Creating the Brand was launched by two media design students who along the way have welcomed commentary and insights into the design process. One of their first models is seen here with the FLAEK. The shoe features a clean, near seamless toebox in a high-top form. Contrasting materials are few and far in between, however the tongues are interchangeable. For more information, head over to (Google Translated).
creating the brand flaek 2 Creating the Brand FLAEK

creating the brand flaek 3 Creating the Brand FLAEK

creating the brand flaek 5 Creating the Brand FLAEK

creating the brand flaek 6 Creating the Brand FLAEK

creating the brand flaek 8 Creating the Brand FLAEK

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  1. OliverNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey, thanks for the kind words! We’re doing our best, maybe we’re able to produce a small series one day …

  2. AndroNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey there…thanks for checking out our blog/magazine. We’re a new company ourselves and know what you guys are going through. Keep up the great work and please send me any updates. I often blog about my favorite labels and I see you guys doing real well in the sneaker world. Feel free to drop me a line at –
    Continued success to you guys!


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