Posted on Saturday, July 25th 2009, 3:30 pm by Andro

Bond…James Bond – will be even cooler if he rocks this Samsung Watchphone.  Just imagine the heads you’d turn speaking into your wrist like a secret agent.  Now if only you had the cool car to match…that would be an even better story :0)


Samsung Watchphone

Called the S9110, this bad mother is about to be the tinyest, and most ballin smartphone on the planet.  My question is… Do you have to wear a bluetooth headset all the time, or do you hold this thing up to your face or what?  I think texting on it would be quite a bitch, AND texting and driving would now mean BOTH hands off the wheel.  Regardless of any of this, I would still rock this out to the clizzubs, feel me?  It releases in France later this month for a lil over six hundo.


Samsung S9110 Watchphone 1 300x200 Samsung Watchphone

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