Posted on Sunday, August 16th 2009, 9:30 pm by Andro

For all you sloppy web surfers out there meet your new best friend, the “rugged, bendable, water & dust proof keyboard from Adesso”.


Adesso Silicone Keyboard


One of the sickest computer accessories i’ve seen in a minute.  Just a little bit ago i showed you some durable USB drives.  Now we have a look at the rugged, bendable, water & dust proof keyboard from Adesso.  If i had a desktop i would definitely use this, unfortunately i don’t though.  For all of you that do still rock the desktop make sure to pick this up so that you can totally snack, drink and make a complete mess of your work space, and not have to worry about ruining one of your most vitale organs to the computer.  Pick it up here.

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