Posted on Monday, August 17th 2009, 6:30 pm by Andro

This Nokia rip-off looks great!  I’ve read a lot of good reviews regarding these China phone knock offs but then again should we be so surprised?  Practically all our phones or at least its internal components are “Made in China” right?  It’s only a matter of time when consumers look past the brand and begin buying phones for its features and functionality.  I’ll be posting lots more of these China clones so stay tuned for more releases!


Due to Nokia’s continued dismissal of the ripe-for-the-picking E81 model number, the diligent folks at “Nokla” (fresh off their E97 design win) have seen it fit to issue a second handset under that fake moniker. Surprisingly, this one actually boasts a rather unique swivel design — even beating Nokia’s own effort in this regard — a QWERTY keyboard and some decent specs. There’s even a mirror on the swivel-up back (we hear that women love mirrors), along with a hole at the swivel hinge for working a lanyard through. We’d venture to say it’s the best E81 Nokia never made.

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