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The Flip Ultra is a tiny camcorder that embraces the “less is more” philosophy. It’s small and compact. The screen doesn’t swing. You can’t take pictures, only does video. It only has four buttons: record, play, delete and zoom. It can record for 30 o 60 minutes depending on the version, so there’s no need for and SD card or a hard disk. Once you’re ready to show the world your movies you just plug the camera to a computer through the integrated USB port and you can upload them to YouTube. It’s simple and limited, but what else do you need?

I’ll tell you: I need to put the device under water and I need to put it on my bike helmet. Guess what, the Flip Ultra has two accessories to do just this. The Underwater Case lets you use the camera underwater allowing full access to the camcorder controls. The Action Mount attaches de device to any handlebar or helmet.


With these two accessories the Flip Ultra becomes an all uses camcorder. It’s not  specifically sports-oriented (see the ATC-2K ActionCamera if you need one which is), but if you are looking for a digital video camera

to use in multiple situations and environments, here you have it.

VIA : Sport-Gadget

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