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Japanese swagger meets TRUE European flavor with this limited edition Mastermind Japan x Rolex.  This totally shiits on the G-Shocks and jelly wrist watches out there, so step your game up and let the bidding wars begin!  Better yet, do what I did and visit to create your personalized timepiece of perfection!  A blacked out (PVD coated) Rolex Submariner with yellow accents and my company name is straight FIRE!  Best of all its 1 of 1
My only concern is that you void the manufacturers warranty once these customizations are added.  Ahhhh…the price you pay for fashion!


mastermind bamford watch department rolex mastermind JAPAN x Bamford Watch Department Custom Rolex

Custom watch specialists Bamford & Sons worked up a special limited edition custom Rolex Submariner for cult Japanese fashion label mastermind Japan. The watch features a custom black body with white highlights and mastermind Japan detailing. It will only be made available through bidding war style, meaning the watch carries an open price for auction, which Sense Magazine will soon be holding

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