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It appears Nokia has entered the popularity of the netbook market…or should I say “booklet” as these sleek machines compete with other top brands just in time for the back-to-school season.


nokia booklet 3g 1 Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia has just wiped the dust sheet off the Nokia Booklet 3G. A brand new breed of portable device for Nokia, this mini laptop PC sees the company step foot on freshly cut turf. The new Nokia Booklet 3G will be a Windows-based machine, supported by an efficient Intel Atom processor that promises the performance of a full-function PC. It’s efficiency credentials are boldly punctuated with battery life that stretches up to 12 hours, a glass 10.1-inch HD display, and aluminum shell, which measures in at just 2cm thin and tips the scales at around a kilogram to ensure it’s extremely portable. The Booklet 3G has been designed with fast downloading and uploading front of mind – it’s 3G/HSPA ready for rapid mobile broadband anywhere-access on the move. Wi-Fi has also been wedged into it’s slim body. Plus, it supports hot-swappable SIM card functionality.

nokia booklet 3g 2 Nokia Booklet 3G

nokia booklet 3g 3 Nokia Booklet 3G

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