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My home-girl Keah the other day told me about how she couldn’t believe what she found in D.R. pharmacy in the hair dye section, also watch out for the  K-Factor coming at you real soon!

” So, I’m strolling through the Duane Reade on Broadway and 17th, trying to figure out what color I should dyemy hair when clearly I had strolled a little too far because I came across Fun Betty. Its dye for the ‘hair down there’. We are talking black, brown, blonde and as you can see auburn and pink. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I’m down for dyeing my hair every shade of the rainbow, but they are tripping if they think chicks are gonna be lining up to pour hydrogen peroxide anywhere close to ‘down there’. At the same time I doubt Fun Betty is filling the shelves in Kentucky or Utah, so you gotta love New York City for the endless beauty options they give us ladies. ”

She also sent me a picture of these things… So ladies and I guess some men  (You know who you are, but ain’t nothing wrong with that you dig. LMAO! )let me know what you think? Now, the said product is made by a company called Betty Beauty which was started by a hottie called Nancy Jarecki. She came up with the idea one day when she saw some of her beautician friends handing over a bag to their clients once they where done with their hair. I guess the rest is herstory! LOL


Color for your Pubes!

Color for your Pubes Ladies!

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