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This question is for my Gents… How Many times has your girlfriend, wife, or just a female friend dragged you to see a romantic comedy or love story?
Us guys call these movies… CHICK FLICKS! And when we see these type of movies during the trailers or advertised on a TV commercial, in OUR minds we automatically place it in a section of our brains… CHICK FLICK… STAY AWAY!!! I totally agree with the writer (which by the way is a female) and it’s sooooooo true that these movies make relationships more difficult than helping. It’s difficult enough for US (men & women) to get along… hence, men are from Mars and women are from Venus theory. Women should just STOP watching these movies and let US guys just watch movies WE WANNA watch ;)

Romantic MoviesRomantic MoviesRomantic Movies

Ok Ok, I will admit that I’ve actually enjoyed a FEW so called ChickFlicks…
When Harry Met Sally
The NoteBook
Forget Paris
Sliding Doors
and most recently The Proposal.


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