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These are the luxurious ashtrays our treasured cigars need at the NYCeTwits office.  Nothing but the best ladies and gents…


ysenberg grand prix ashtray_1

You may or may not love flaying off your worries with a puff of your expensive cigarettes or cigar, but you would definitely like to add a few jewels to your treasured set from the new Ysenberg collection. Counting on the brand image, Austrian goldsmith and design company Ysenberg has tossed up its latest ashtray collection, under the title “Ysentrays,” which includes Grand Prix (above) and cashmere (below). Finished with finest crystal glass and colored glass inlays, both the products are available with personal initials and logos made of precious materials. The handcrafted pieces come with a certificate, signed by the designer, and include your registered individual number to personalize your Ysenberg collection.

ysenberg grand prix

ysenberg grand prix ashtray

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