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Tuesday Sept.8th 2009 was a very interesting day in Hip Hop music… the official release of 2 great HIP HOP albums… Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 and Raekwon’s long awaited sequel, Only Built for Cuban Linx Pt.2. Interesting enough… I MUST say, DARING… Diddy aka Puff Daddy released the music video for his 1st single off the upcoming Last Train to Paris… Angels. Directed by MR MUSIC VIDEO KING himself… Hype Williams (tons of other great music videos and a BUNCH for Diddy within the past 10yrs). I honestly don’t really like this song within it’s “total package”. Meaning, I like the recycle beat (Jay-Z used it once) and Biggie’s verses BUT come on… enough with the Auto-Tuning! I could see it growing on me with more RADIO PLAY… see my “emphasis” on radio play which I think Diddy is trying to capture just a Main Stream audience. This song I feel WILL NOT rock the clubs!!! But, I could definitely see Diddy doing a REMIX for it. What are YOUR thoughts??

But I’m honestly interested in Diddy’s vision for this upcoming album, Last Train To Paris. On his current MTV Show, Making His Band he does mention that this album will not be for everyone.

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