Posted on Sunday, September 20th 2009, 1:30 pm by Andro

Ahhhh….Kanye, how could we ever “thank you” for your rude VMA interruption thats been heard around the world??  Your ego got the best of you (again), and you’ve been immortalized in a never ending barage of sviral videos, jokes, and offcourse t-shirts!  So before I get interrupted by Mr Yeezy himself, lemme post this blog article asap.  Shout out to Lil Mama who just popped up on my computer screen for no apparent reason!!


Kanye West I’mma Let You finish… T-Shirt

We already posted a t-shirt for all you Kanye haters, but now there is a shirt for all of you that can’t get enough of the sudden burst of Kanye mashups. As my homie EG posted, there are some damn funny pics going around the internets and I posted some of my favorites below.  If you can’t get enough of these, just dropped a t-shirt which you can pre-order here.

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