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With all the exciting news Apple has unveiled today, one of the standout products and “must have” gadgets has to be the Ipod Nano which now shoots video!!  At $180 for a 16GB version this is gonna be another sure fire hit!  Get yours now at


New iPod Nano 5G Shoots Video.  Sick.

Apple does it again.  Today they announced their new iPod Nano 5G.  Biggity biggity ballin.  Same dope nano you’re used to except NOW it’s got a sweet little camera and mic on the back.  It’s like the ultimate little gadget.  Reasonably priced at 150 for the 8 gig… but who’s going to buy that one when you can get twice the memory (16 gig) for 30 bucks more?  You can buy them in any color here.  

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