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Well right now the US Gov’t is making it into law that it is illegal to do Text While Driving, even though some say that it is already illegal as it is considered a distraction.

But of coarse state gov’ts are also making laws of there own because of this. At the beginning of this summer, Utah passed a law that makes the most sense so far. Most states is probably going to make it a moving violation, meaning you’ll get slapped with a fine and a few points on their license.

Not Utah. According to their law, if you get into an accident and cause a fatality because you were texting, you can face up to 15 yrs in jail! That’s right. If you get into an accident because you were too busy texting and end up killing someone, it is now considered RECKLESS DRIVING, and puts it just as bad as drinking and driving.

Why do this? Well talking while driving has the same risks as driving with a .08 blood-alcohol level. Texting while driving somehow doubles that risk.

I’m sorry to say, this is 1 of the few laws that makes a lot of sense. Remember, driving is a privilege not a right!

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