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Ok! So the Mets did not have the best season ever, even after getting two of the best pitchers in the league.  They still have a great team that was hurt, in all honesty, by injuries to key players.  But now there are rumors that  Carlos Zambrano might be traded during the off-season. Would The Mets be a good fit for him? Or Will he be a good fit for the Mets?


According to Steve Rosenbloom’s blog for the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs are looking into trading starting pitcher Carlos Zambrano during the off-season.  Zambrano has been tired of all the criticism being thrown at him and has been quoted as saying,

“Maybe if I go to a different city next year, if I get traded, I can do what I want.”

More than likely, if the Cubs do find a team to trade Zambrano to, it would be a National League team, because Zambrano would have to waive his full no-trade clause and it is doubtful he would want to play in the American League since the DH rule would not allow him to hit.  Zambrano is one of the best hitting pitchers in baseball, with a .236 career average to go along with 20 HR and 22 doubles in eight full seasons in the major leagues.  The 20 career home runs make him the active leader for pitchers.

As for his pitching, he can be very Jekyll and Hyde-like.  His career record is 104-67 and he has never had an ERA over 3.95 for any full season.  However, when things don’t go right for Carlos, he can lose his control and I’m not just talking about balls and strikes.

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