Posted on Thursday, September 3rd 2009, 3:00 pm by Asian Chris

Wow this is just outright horrible. A Brazilian ad agency actually came out with this ad campaign comparing the World Trade Center attacks with the 2005 Tsunami.

Both were tragic for different reasons, but should never have been used for something like this. Especially how they did it.

The WWF rejected this ad campaign without hesitation and said that it should never see the light of day. But of coarse the video was leaked and online anyways.

Many are outraged of coarse. And being a New Yorker, I’m very disgusted with this. I see the point they tried to make, but this is definitely the wrong approach.

And of coarse we got the video for you…

Via: BNO News

UPDATE: WWF US issued this statement condemning the ad and apologizes to 9-11 victims and their families. The WWF US Press Release can be found here.

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