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We’ve posted blog articles regarding hot rides but this is the first article about a sexy underwater submersible!  It’s not exactly a submarine but it’s perfect for the secret agent in all of us!  At approximately $165,000 it’s not too bad considering its features?


Ballin Scubacraft Makes You 007

The name’s: Bond.  James F’in Bizzy baby.  Rockin on my scubacraft.  Grabbin on dis hooch’s ass.  Ladies wanna ride.  So I let em on the side… of my H20 submersible vehicle.  Haters cant see me, but I know they wanna be me… frettin cuz they found out that I got this as a freebie.  I payed free niney nine, but you can get one just like mine.  If you tryin to get dat sleez on doze knees, alls you gotta do is drop one hunned sixty fo G’s.  Pick up the sheez right hurr if ya please.   

It is essentially a speedboat with a specially designed trimaran hull that makes it just as comfortable on the water as it is under. The Scubacraft can zip along above the water at speed of up to 50 miles per hour and can dive to a depth of about 100 feet, you’ll need to bring your own SCUBA gear. Scubacraft powered by a high powered jet propulsion system that will easily tow a water-skier and inflatable water toys. Currently you can per-order the Scubacraft with a 5% fully refundable deposit, and first customers delivery at the end of 2010. The price starts at £100,000(about $164,000) depend on specefication.  via likecool

Scubacraft 300x200 Ballin Scubacraft Makes You 007

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