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This Bell & Ross timepiece is a little too trendy for my taste BUT it makes perfect sense coming from a reputable watchmaker that has a long history of designing aeronautic chronographs for the military.  It’s definitely a unique concept, however it still looks like a Diesel watch to me??  What do you think?


Bell & Ross – “Radar” Watch

One of the sickest concepts I’ve seen since the Nixon Newton.  There are a lot of timepieces coming out these days that have creative mechanisms for timetelling.  However, the more creative they get, the more difficult they are to read, and really the less practical they become.  When I buy a nice watch, I want it to be timeless (no pun intended)… one that my grandson will be proud to rock — not just some trendy shit.  This Bell & Ross Radar watch (limited to 500 pieces) is just perfect.  Love the style, love the concept.  Want. 

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