Posted on Monday, November 16th 2009, 12:00 pm by Gabe

If you haven’t noticed, we have made very some small changes to the site. We hope that these changes help to make a better site for everyone that have enjoyed the NYCeTwits content thus far.


For one, we trimmed the fat a bit by eliminating the smokes and eats categories. Yes, we smoke. Yes, we eat. What we haven’t done is give posts to fill those areas, so it goes away into the lifestyles and fashion category that you guys enjoy.

Also, to keep our readers at work from joining the unemployed, we are renaming Adult Fun to it’s amazing NEW title: NSFW (Not Safe For Work). I know that’s so original, but we want to make sure that your adult fun doesn’t get you fired. 

We hope that these changes will be embraced by our NYCeTwits family. If, however, you feel strongly against these changes and want to burn me in effigy, comment in this post. And remember: Yes We Can! (make this site a better place).

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