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I am not a converse fan. I do not buy converse. Never had a pair of All Stars or Chuck Taylors.

So with that being said, these are SICK! In the tradition of Rain boot slicks comes this amazing hybrid.

Keeping the open laces like the All Stars but having an attached tongue to keep out water makes this a great idea for only $80 through Urban Outfitters.

Converse, you may just make me a believer yet!

Via: Uncrate

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2 Responses to “Converse All Star Rain Boots”

  1. B JubesNo Gravatar Says:

    I own lots of Chucks… But never owned rain boots. I will own rain boots now. These are hot.

  2. GabeNo Gravatar Says:

    So happy you like. I will be picking up a pair as well.
    These too will be my first rain boots. And my first pair of Converse.
    I’m such an adidas whore!

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