Posted on Monday, November 23rd 2009, 8:00 am by Gabe

The American Music Awards this year was quite an entertaining and controversial show this year.
Lady GaGa broke glass during her performance. Whitney Houston damn near broke down during her performance. Adam Lambert got a little bisexual with his new single. We found out that Timberland is a Twilight fan and that Kanye West made Taylor Swift into the star she is today (sorry, but it’s true).

What made the event memorable to me however was the amazing comeback performance by Jennifer Lopez. It started great with Michael Buffer (“let’s get ready to rumble” – that man is worth millions just for that statement alone). But let’s face it – the performance fell flat on it’s ass. She was truly ass out on this one. She’s the butt of all jokes today. The performance bottomed out. OK – I’ll stop with the ass cracks. Enjoy the video:

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