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This Sunday I ran out of WordCampNYC with the desire to check out Kidrobot’s amazing new exhibition down at the Eloquent Delinquents Gallery in SoHo.

What a lot of people may not know about me is my love for vinyl toys. I love Kidrobot & have a nice little collection of Munnys & Dunnys. With this in mind, I was in heaven seeing some of these creative pieces.
These are things of pure inspiration, and show just how creative people can be using a 3D canvas.

Also, to go with the exhibition, Kidrobot decided to roll out 4 new miniature blank do-it-yourself characters for design, all based on different animals.
These retail for only $10.00 each ( I bought all four).

Anyway, check the photos out & let me know if these inspire you like they do me:

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