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Pop music is not my thing. To me, a whole lot of it is manufactured spam for the masses.
Now, some of you think of me as such a typical asshole genius of a New Yorker.
Speaking of New York, here is Miley Cyrus, who’s number one song mentions one of our icons.
Watch this:

I can understand her not writing the song (that is very common in pop music). I can understand her youthful ignorance to things (she’s 16). But she’s NEVER heard Jay-Z? Her single even references Jova.
Really? Really?

Why didn’t her publicist at least coach her to lie discuss this issue without sounding like a buffoon.
I dunno where she’s been to not hear Jay-Z. He did perform at almost every award show she’s been to,
and has done some small performances (World Series).
This is some crazy-talk to me. What are your thoughts?

Via: Video Daze

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