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Ever since The Fast And The Furious came out back in 2001, tuning cars started to become really popular between many age groups. But the biggest issue since then (other than street racing) is that people don’t know what they’re doing. Tthere are some people who do their research and buy the parts that are actually worth it.

But for most people, they will buy parts based on price and looks. Unfortunately this is an issue as the cheap parts are not necessarily the best parts in the world. I’m not talking about performance here, more about the fact that these parts will make the car street illegal for various reasons.

Over in Europe, numerous groups have started up the Tune It! Safe! program that shows that for someone to tune their car, they have to do it safely and legally.

Well this year, they had a BMW 123d done by AC Schnitzer at the Essen 2009 show. And from what I see, it looks incredibly nice! It actually made me wish I did get the BMW 1-series!

Now of coarse this is not the 1st car that was used in this program. They have had a few other cars in recent years including the Brabus Ultimate 112 based on the Smart fortwo, Brabus ROCKET based on the Mercedes CLS, and of coarse the Porsche tuned by TechArt.
Check out Tune It! Safe! for more information.

Via: Autoblog

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