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Considering how the worldwide economy is doing right now, many companies have been forced to shut down or make incredible cutbacks. The auto industry is feeling the affect and have decided to cutback on the production lines. This means that for a few weeks, everyone is off and not a single car is being made.

Bentley is 1 of many car companies that took time off. But instead of sitting at home doing nothing, employees were asked if they were willing to donate their time for some charitable causes. And by surprise many of them accepted this.

During Bentley’s Crewe factory down time earlier this year, the crew from there did numerous charitable activities, including a collection of artwork that was auctioned off for cancer research.

Well that was just the start. They also did work on an old London Routemaster double decker bus that is used by St Luke’s Hospice for charitable work.

Now just imagine what would happen if people in the US actually did something like this for charity…

Via: Autoblog

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