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Well since this month I’ve been giving much love to Porsche, I decided to find this old set of picts from a Gold gilded Porsche Boxster. Yes! The entire Boxster is covered in gold. Now I’m not talking about gold plating here where there is en incredibly thin layer of gold. No, I’m talking about someone hammered gold onto it!

Commissioned back in 2006, Bernd Hoeger a goldsmith and artist from Stuttgart, was tasked with this job, and boy did he do a great job at it. But it wasn’t just the body panels that got gold on it. The door handle, steering wheel, and alloy rims also got the Gold treatment.

All I can say is that this is 1 of a kind…well back then anyways. 9 other cars were to get this treatment. I haven’t seen anything on them, but I would not be surprised if it came out this good.

And if you’re wondering, it’s 22 karat gold.

Via: WorldCarFans

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