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George Lucas sure knows how to pimp the franchise he created in the late 1970′s (the first movie was released in May 25,1977 on my 1 year birthday).
Star Wars showed Hollywood how to merchandise like it’s nobody’s business. The products licensed from this series are bananas. From toys to shirts to yes, sleeping bags, for decades all things of the Force have paid the salaries of a sales force worldwide. The man even has a phone name patented (Droid – duh!). And despite the Jar Jar Offensive (that’s what I call it), it doesn’t look to stop anytime soon.

Well, now he’s immersed in the fitted game, thanks to this dark alliance with the folks at New Era. Different caps were designed specifically in this collection to look like the characters in the Star Wars series. I am curious to see if anyone can walk down the street with the Chewbacca fitted and see who can keep a straight face. No idea when these will be released, but expect plenty of interesting reactions when these caps force their way into the market.

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